Mindful Practices


The key aims of HALLE are simple; to fairly produce everlasting designs in quality fabrics & to promote mindfulness towards the act of adding clothing to your wardrobe. As part of the fashion community, Olivia believes that it is her duty to apply thoughtful processes to all aspects of HALLE & when you make a purchase you are connecting yourself to the garment & the hands behind it.


HALLE garments are carefully nurtured from concept to production by the one set of hands in the Newcastle studio. Each piece is designed & cut with maximum fabric yield, with any remaining off-cuts being used for smaller items & minimal wastage in mind. The made-to-order bases of all online sales means there is no need to over produce. This close connection to the production line means only garments of a high standard are shipped & their new owners can rest easy knowing all steps possible were taken to produce the most thoughtful pieces.



Our buttery soft Japanese Linens are sourced from a proud Australian owned family business who are passionate about ethical & sustainable fabrics. Their mills in Japan are known for their sustainability & fair conditions for workers. They pride themselves on minimal water & electrical usage, do not use child labour as well as pay proper wages for all employees who work in strict occupational health & safety environments.

Deadstock Fabric

Textile mills & garment manufacturers often have left over fabric quantities after production runs due to over ordering or minor flaws in fabrics; these fabrics are typically called deadstock. Putting use to this surplus of unused fabrics means less production waste ends up in landfill. We source our deadstock fabrics locally & internationally & when selecting still take care in choosing high quality fabrics of predominantly natural fibres.


Cotton is an amazing fibre. Yes cotton production is one of the highest consumers of water, however cotton fabric has some really wonderful properties. It is a cellulosic fiber meaning it is strong a durable which prolongs the lifespan of the garment. Cotton is also hypoallergic, insulating & does not require frequent washing. HALLE plans of transitioning to only using BCI & GOTS Cotton withing the next few seasons.

Future Fabrics

As HALLE grows so will the ability to source a wider range of sustainable & GOTS fabrics


All HALLE orders are lovingly shipped in cardboard mailing boxes with recyclable marketing material & wrapping. Online orders are sent with out swing tags to reduce wastage. We endeavour to reach 100% recyclable packaging in the very near future


Of course like any production line left over fabric or scraps are inevitable. These scraps that are left over from producing a HALLE garment are either fashioned into "off cut" items which are pieces designed to use up larger pieces of scrap fabric. The smaller off cuts are still used in the production of your HALLE pieces & can be used for neck binds, straps & waist ties to name a few. All the remaining scraps that are non functional are used for testing machines before your garments are carefully stitched together.